Good Neighbors  

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Moving to Pebble Creek. Welcome Home!

Pebble Creek will remain a wonderful place to live if we are all courteous neighbors and do all that we can to protect the value of our homes.  

The information below may help.

Contractor Activity & Noise Abatement

Lawn maintenance, construction work, and other noise-generating activities should not be scheduled or conducted on Sundays.  Please remind your lawn service to bag leaves and trimmings and properly dispose of lawn trash.

Association Dues

Annual dues cover landscaping and maintenance of common grounds, neighborhood insurance, road repair, removal of hazardous trees from common areas and many other projects to maintain and improve the value of Pebble Creek.


Our narrow streets present significant parking challenges.  While street parking is sometimes necessary on a temporary basis, overnight street parking must be avoided.  Please have guests park in your driveway overnight. Parking on the grass is never permitted. Only passenger vehicles and ½ ton or smaller pickup trucks may be parked in driveways.  Campers, boats, trailers, and any vehicles other than private passenger vehicles must be parked or stored wholly within your garage.  The exception is temporary parking of service vehicles during active service.  Please see Articles IX and XXVI of your Covenants and Restrictions for full details. As a courtesy, garage doors should be closed when the area is not being used.

Trash Collection

Please be sure to use secure containers, especially if you set your trash out the night before pickup.  Do not place containers in the street. Yard waste and other trash should be discreetly stored on your property until pick up day.  Common areas are NOT to be used for dumping or storing yard trash. Regular trash pick up and recycling is on Wednesdays.


The only signs permitted are FOR SALE and FOR RENT signs no larger than 5 square feet which must be approved by the board.


The Association pays to keep the common areas mowed and neat.   The service contract is very specific.  Please do not ask the grounds keeper for any special treatment or service on your property, or ask them to avoid any common areas. Please do not blow or sweep leaves or other yard debris into the street.  This debris ends up in our gutters and in the pond and is a potentially expensive problem to fix. Trimming of trees on and around each lot is the sole responsibility of the homeowner.  The exception is diseased or dead trees on common grounds.


We have some great neighborhood get-togethers; lots of good food, fun times and the occasional golf outing and picnic.  Please come, especially if you are new to the neighborhood.  This is a great way to get to know your wonderful neighbors. The Hospitality Committee always needs volunteers. Call a board member if you would like to join the fun!

Home Improvements 

Please be aware that the association has an architectural committee that meets on an as-needed basis to review proposed home improvements.  These improvements include, but are not limited to, fences, exterior paint colors, decks, patios, and structural changes and additions.  Please refer to the Covenants and contact the board secretary for assistance.


Make sure your pet is not your neighbor’s pest!  Pick up after dogs (it’s the law) and control outdoor cats so that they do not become a nuisance.  Animals are not allowed to wander or roam freely about the neighborhood.  Make certain your dog knows to keep you leashed while taking you for a walk.

Web Page

Our Association Web Page at  provides valuable information: News and Events, Covenants and By-Laws, Board Minutes, Financial Reports, a Resident Directory and easy contact with the PCHOA Board.  Some areas are password-protected for access by members only. 


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